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Quick Cash Loan Facility

Terms and Conditions

  1. SERVICE DESCRIPTION. Quick Cash Loan Facility is an essential part & unique feature of the HRBuddy (formerly RCF HRIS) that allows employees to cash in a portion of their wages in advance to fund their urgent needs. Employees can directly request for a QuickCash from their salary through their HRBuddy portal. Funds can be credited to their e-wallet within 24 to 48 hours.

  2. USE OF SERVICE. The access and use of this Quick Cash Loan Facility by the enrolled employees of the employer shall be an essential part of the existing HR Buddy Software.

  3. SERVICE CONTRACT. The term of this Quick Cask Loan Facility shall be co-terminus with Software Service Agreement signed by the parties.

  4. SERVICE FEES. No additional Service Fee shall be paid by the employer for the inclusion of this Quick Cash Loan Facility to their HR Buddy Software.


    1. Fund release for the availment of the Quick Cash Loan Facility shall be via crediting to the applicant’s e-wallet with Right Choice Finance Corporation (RCF).

    2. For this purpose, applicants, prior to the availment of the Loan Facility shall create, free of charge, an e-wallet through the HRBuddy portal.

    3. The maximum loan amount for the Quick Cash Loan Facility shall be 25% of the net monthly pay of the employee.

    4. The processing fee for the availment of the Loan Facility shall be Php199 or 5% of the loan amount, whichever is higher, which shall be deducted from the loan proceeds upon release thereof. No other further charges or interest shall be imposed for the taking out of the loan. The amount of processing fee may be subject to change as the exigencies of business may require.

    5. Payment of the full amount of the loan shall immediately be deducted from the salary of the employee on the succeeding payroll cycle. Employees availing of this Loan Facility expressly agrees to grant the employer the authority to deduct the required payment from their salary on the applicable payment cycle.

    6. The employer agrees and undertakes to remit to RCF all payments deducted from the employees salary without the need of a formal demand. It is understood that all payments are due and demandable on the immediately succeeding payroll cycle salary from the date of loan availment.

    7. By subscribing to the HRBuddy, all enrolled employees of the employer shall have access to and be eligible to avail of the loans being provided by Right Choice Finance (RCF). For this purpose, the employer undertakes to regularly update the list of all enrolled employees who may avail of this service.

  6. DATA PRIVACY. The parties hereto hereby expressly agree that performance and enforcement of any and all obligations under this Quick Cash Loan Facility, which relates to any data of either party, shall be subject to the provisions of the Data Privacy Policy as well as the Non-Disclosure Policy of RCF.

  7. INCORPORATION BY REFERENCE. In so far as it is not inconsistent herewith, the provisions of the Software Service Agreement signed by the employer shall form part hereof. The parties further agree to abide and be bound by the Terms and Conditions, the Data Privacy Policy, and the Non-Disclosure Agreement, which were all incorporated by reference to the Software Service Agreement and is available anytime at the official website of RCF.

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