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HRBuddy FAQs

  1. What does HRBuddy do?

    HRBuddy is a cloud-based human resource information system that can streamline your HR activities into an automated workflow from timekeeping, to payroll and benefits, and employee 201 file management. It intelligently transforms your HR admin tasks into an automated experience that reduces the HR processing time by up to 40%- minus the errors from manual labors. It comes with a unique QuickCash feature that allows employees to advance their salary when they need money urgently.

  2. What is QuickCash? How is it different from a salary loan?

    QuickCash is a unique feature of HRBuddy that allows employees to cash in a portion of their wages in advance to fund their urgent needs. Employees can directly request to QuickCash their salary through their HRBuddy portal. Funds can be credited to their e-wallet within 24 to 48 hours. With QuickCash, you take out a portion of your salary in advance while a salary loan is an individual loan granted to employees settled via salary deductions.

  3. How much does HRBuddy cost? Is there any additional charge required to setup an account?

    You can subscribe to HRBuddy and unlock all its features and benefits for only Php48 per employee per month. With HRBuddy, there’s no setup fee required as you only get billed for your monthly subscription fee. Get an annual HRBuddy subscription and get billed for only 10 months’ worth of service and enjoy two months free.

  4. Can we use a biometrics device for our timekeeping?

    Yes! HRBuddy can be integrated to a biometrics device to make your employee attendance management secure and accurate. Choose from our fingerprint scanner or facial recognition device for your biometric needs. To know more about our biometric device, click here: https://hrbuddy.asia/bundles

  5. Can we integrate our existing biometrics device into HRBuddy?

    To integrate your current biometrics into HRBuddy, we have to first check its compatibility with our system.

  6. How can we book a demo?

    To book a demo, you need to register by submitting our form that you can access here: http://demo.rcf.ph/#. You will receive a confirmation email from us with your credentials for setting up your company account. After you have completed your account setup, you can use the timekeeping, OT and leaves filing, payroll computation, and employee 201 file management features of HRBuddy. To unlock the QuickCash feature, you need to enroll and pay the HRBuddy subscription fee.

  7. Is there a minimum number of employees required to subscribe to HRBuddy?

    We can accommodate small and large-scale companies with a different number of employees who want to subscribe to HRBuddy.

  8. Which devices can we use to access HRBuddy? Does it need to be setup on our computer?

    HRBuddy is a cloud-based platform that is accessible using a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. No need to set it up on your computer, you just have to log on to the website www.hrbuddy.ph, and click “Login” to access your account. HRBuddy is also accessible through RCF’s mobile app: MyRightChoice on Google Play and MyRCF on Apple Store.

  9. What reports can be generated through HRBuddy?

    HRBuddy can generate and print your ER1, R1A, employee remittance reports, such as tax, SSS, PAG-IBIG, Philhealth, and loans.

  10. Which accounting software can be integrated with HRBuddy?

    HRBuddy supports posting to Quickbooks online.

  11. Can you integrate company policies, news, and announcements in HRBuddy?

    Currently, HRBuddy does not support this kind of feature, but it is something that we can customize for you with applicable development fees.

  12. Can we customize the features of HRBuddy?

    Yes! HRBuddy is customizable according to the features that you may need. There’s a development fee that we charge for any customization that we provide.

  13. How long is the onboarding process upon subscription to HRBuddy?

    The onboarding process can take two weeks to one month, depending on how quickly the company meets all the requirements needed to set up an account. System training only takes two to three days at most.

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